Saturday, 25 May 2013

James Bond's Breitling Top Time Geiger Counter Found At Garage Sale For £25, Could Hit £60,000 At Auction Next Month

Breitling Top Time
Imagine finding a beaten up old Breitling at a garage sale.  You pay £25 for it, and then think
"hey, this looks just like that watch James Bond wore back in 1965!"And then you find out
it is the very watch that James Bond wore back in 1965!
Well, that happened. And now Christie's sill get the chance to sell this one of a kind, movie-worn
James Bond Breitling in London on June 28th.  The estimates top out at £60,000 which may sound
like a lot. But, you must remember this watch is being sold at a memorabilia sale, not a watch sale.  And when this occurs, crazy stuff has been known to happen.  
If you don't remember this particular Bond watch, he wore it in Thunderball and used this converted chrono-cum-geiger counter to track down two nuclear bombs stolen from NATO.  The watch has
been missing for decades.
(Via Hodinkee)

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  1. Very nice watch. I love James bond wearing. His james bond tuxedo from the skyfall movie is also my favorite.